Preparing for adoptions. If you’re about to adopt your first dog, you need to make sure that your home is ready. First thing is to make sure that your fence is in good shape. This means that if your dog needs to go out, it has a safe place to run and play when you’re not walking it. If you believe in crate training and having a crate for the dog to sleep, then you’ll need to rearrange the home and make sure there’s a spot for it. Obvious things like food and water bowls need to be purchased, as does food. There’s a good chance the shelter or rescue can let you know what food the dog is used to and comfortable eating. Finally, make sure the dog has comfortable places to sleep. Whether that means a dog bed, or putting a blanket on your couch in a certain spot, ensure your new friend is going to be comfortable. A toy or two won’t hurt either!