One of the most important things that you can do at your new job is to ask questions. Make sure you are in the know about how things work at your new company. In this article we will be looking at finding out common procedures, how and if performance reviews are given, and finding out the flexibility of the job.

What Are Common Procedures? When starting your new job it is important to familiarize yourself with their procedures. Every company has specific ways of doing things. It is to your benefit that you learn them as quickly as possible so that you are not lagging behind in your work. Ask questions about your company’s procedures. Don’t worry about who you ask – you can ask your manager, supervisor, fellow employees as they should all have some insight on how things are done around the office. One of the more important questions you may want to ask is how do people communicate here? Does the boss like communication in a formal manner (ie business emails cc’d to them)? Or, are they more relaxed and fine with you instant messaging them or even just giving them a call? Learning how to share your ideas and concerns will help you to thrive at your job.