Groups of co-workers discussing a project

How Do You Perform Reviews? Being caught off guard at work is generally not a good thing, especially when it is by a review. Make sure you know your company’s policy of reviews. When are they? How often? etc. Also, make sure that you prepare for them. When should you start preparing for them? On the very first day. How should you prepare for them? Ask your manager what they are looking for. Do they want to see the numbers or are they more interested in your soft skills? Once you find out what they are you will not only succeed at the review but you will also succeed at your job. If you find out that your company does not do reviews, you should plan to meet with your boss every 6 months and get a review (whether it be informal or not). It is important to know where you stand at your job. Are you succeeding at it in your boss’s eyes? Ask them what they see needing change. This will ensure a long healthy life at your job.