Showing a strong commitment to your job is something many feel has lost its importance over the years. In this day and age where having more than one profession is the norm it is hard to find the loyalty trait in employees. This has made it more valuable than ever. If you really want to succeed at your job try being positive, trustworthy and loyal.

Be positive. Having a positive attitude will help your aptitude to be discovered. People only trust people they like. This applies to your co-workers. Make sure to listen, show empathy, show some humility and throw in a couple of laughs. It is important that your attitude not only be tolerable but attractive and likeable too. If people want to work with you it will generally improve the work that they do. Your employer will also see that you are able to motivate your fellow employees into doing their jobs. These are the employees that generally drag their feet and take longer than necessary on tasks. You will also attract some supporters which will help you in the long run. Building up trusted networks never hurts.