Being on time for work, especially if it’s your first day, is mission critical to your perceived performance by others, and is likely just as important as what you wear as far as first impressions go. Regardless of what type of job you are doing, being on time and managing your time wisely are key skills to have. Such competencies clearly shows how committed and professional you are, and are traits that your company will look for in order to deem you a valuable team player who takes their job and their co-workers seriously.

Be Early. One great tip on how to exercise good time management is to be so prepared that you are early. So, the first tip is to make sure to set your alarm the night before your first day at work to a much earlier time than you believe you should be getting up. You should do this even if you believe you are already 100 percent prepared. You never know what small kinks in your plan may occur without warning. Secondly, try to make it to work earlier than you are expected to show up. Not only does it show your commitment and serious intent, but it also will give you a few minutes to get ready. So, make sure you leave home with sufficient time to spare in order to arrive at work about 15 minutes ahead of time. Remember, you are likely driving a route to work that is new and unfamiliar to you, and so traffic jams, detours, and accidents are all possibilities. You will also need time to navigate your new office building, so plan time for that as well.