Being prepared and showing that you are confident are two key aspects to a good interview. Your future employer will look favorably on your interview skills and you will more than likely get the job. Having said that it is important that you do not enter your job search with a narrow field of possibilities. Interview for a lot of jobs – it may help you decide what you want.

Be prepared. Not every interview is the same. Sometimes you may have one interviewer, sometimes you might have multiple interviewers. An interview may only take a few minutes or you may be looking at two or three interviews. Interviews can range from being very casual and consist of conversation  or they may consist of answering a list of questions. The important thing is that you are prepared. There are five things to remember when preparing for your interview. First, remember to take care of the logistics. This means making sure you have nice clothes to be interviewed in, that you have directions to where the interview is, and that your resume is with you and is up-to-date. This will help eliminate a lot of stress. Secondly, make sure you know what you are applying for. Research the company. Make sure you know what they are all about and what your position looks like. Thirdly, get a friend to help you to practice for the interview.