What To avoid. Aside from tips and advice on how and what to wear to your first days at your new job, it should also be noted explicitly what you should not wear. Again, for women, it’s best to stay away from overly sexual clothing, and displaying cleavage or bare skin. So, if you have decided to wear a tank top to work, just be sure to put a sweater over it. Also, if you plan on wearing a skirt, make sure it is close to knee length. For male employees, avoid tank tops, baggy pants and shirts, or else any clothing that would be deemed as sloppy. For both men and women, if you want to wear jewelry, be sure it is not big pieces or flashy. Regarding tattoos, cover them up as best you can. Also, within many office cultures, it is a faux pas to wear perfume or cologne. This is not because it is deemed bad taste, but rather it may cause an allergic reaction to fellow employees. One final note is the night before your first day go through a dry-run of what you’ll be wearing. Try it on, make sure there are no stains or rips or wrinkles. Most of all, keep your appearance looking neat, clean, and professional.