People live longer today than ever before. As a result, senior living communities have become incredibly popular in recent years. Senior citizens often turn to managed communities so that their loved ones don’t have to deal with the strain of taking care of them. They also choose this option to interact with people their own age independently or within shared housing facilities. Seniors enjoy a wide range of additional benefits: Many of the responsibilities related to maintaining a home and security are included in the price each senior pays for the privilege of living in a managed community. Seniors also receive access to a variety of free or reduced-priced, on-site and off-site services that they might not usually be able to afford if they were living anywhere else. 

Common features. Senior communities commonly feature shared houses, apartment complexes and/or individual cottages separated by sidewalks and streets arranged around or next to open buildings that offer administrative and social assistance services. Some seniors can live independently while others need personal care and assisted living options. A specific community might be designed to appeal to one or all of these groups. All communities typically include free landscaping and building maintenance and repairs. Luxury communities usually provide extra security features, such as high walls, key fob or code access gates and doors, guard shacks and security cameras. Independent seniors who continue to drive typically receive access to enclosed single or multi-tier garages. Most communities offer alternative transportation, including golf carts and van or minibus taxis.