Getting a new phone is a fun time. Being able to check out and run all of the latest apps is a must have for many people today. However, the top of the line phones are incredibly expensive. Spending over $1,000 for a phone can be a difficult task. There are plenty of older lightly used phones which can cost a mere pittance in comparison. There’s one problem though. Phones get locked to a network. When a network sells a phone, they lock it to their network to ensure that people who just got a great deal on a phone stick with their network after the deal. That’s all fine for people who just got their phone and are happy. But for people buying a used phone, you may not want to use that network! That’s where an unlocked phone comes into play. 

Is my smartphone locked? The first step is determining if your phone has been locked. There are a few ways to do this. If you’re using a new sim card, you can compare whether or not a phone is locked by using both the old and new sim cards. If both sim cards work and allow a phone to make a call, then it’s unlocked. Checking google and your exact phone type should let you determine how to check if your phone is unlocked from the software it is running. This process is different for different brands, and even for different models within the brands.