Section 8 housing is one of the most confusing housing concepts throughout America. Many people want to know how to buy a home with section 8. They ask themselves questions like “Are there section realtors near me to find section 8 housing?” or “Is there such a thing as section 8 senior housing?”. It’s good to clean up some of the misconceptions about section 8 housing. This is a program for affordable housing.  There are many houses that accept vouchers for section 8. Landlords put up their homes or apartments for rent, and then receive a portion of that rent from the tenant. The rest comes from the government to subsidize the rent up to an average level for the area.

Finding section 8 rentals. One of the first things to do if you are interested in section 8 is to go online and look into availability. There are real estate websites which will provide a list of section 8 properties for your consideration. Many of these are smaller local websites, because section 8 housing is considered relevant to region and the socio-economic situation of that region. Once you have found a section 8 location that you like, you need to make sure that you qualify for section 8.