The housing market is seemingly always on the rise. Despite the recent crash earlier this century, prices continue to rise. This has also affected the mobile home rental markets. Rental prices for homes and apartments continues to increase. Due to these stark financial realities, many people have been looking for alternatives. Instead of spending hundreds of thousands on a new house, or renting a place for thousands of dollars per month, many people have chosen to instead rent a mobile home. 

Information. There is a stigma and about mobile homes. Many people think of them as poorly built housing for people who can’t afford a “real” home. However, the truth is that mobile homes have come a long way. Mobile or “manufactured” homes as they are now known have to meet building codes just like any other. In fact, their requirements are quite high. Many homes that will be available for rent will have the same quality, but come in for hundreds of dollars less each month! Renting a mobile home is cost effective. The main type of rental will also include renting the land that the home is placed upon. However, there are some cases where you can rent a home and have it transferred, though this is a sizeable extra cost.