Most young professionals have the general, and justifiable, expectation that the longer they work with a company the greater chance they will have at being promoted. Basically, they believe that hard work will be rewarded, and handsomely. However, how does this climbing-up-the-ladder actually work? It all begins with knowing what you want and setting guidelines for achieving it. This goes for the more long-term goals as well as the immediate ones.

Inform others. Simply by making it known to people what your career aspirations are is a great tip in working toward getting your promotion. Specifically, it’s a good idea to make sure that those who are your superiors are especially aware of what your goals are. When you approach them about your career goals, also be sure to ask them if a promotion of the type you are looking for is a viable option at this junction in your career as well as at this point in time for the company itself. Also ask what it will take on your behalf to get that promotion. Pay attention to actively developing these skills listed above, and if and when your bosses have faith in you, they are most likely going to start giving you additional projects and side tasks that can help you in reaching your goals. Such interactions with your superiors can be executed, for example, in a quite informal way, but only if your boss is in a laidback mood rather than in the middle of a very hectic afternoon on a Monday. So, pick your moments wisely, you may only get one shot.