Two Businessmen Having Informal Meeting In Modern Office

Do more. Going above and beyond what is expected of you at your job is another great way to get yourself noticed and onto the fast track to a big promotion. On the other hand, no one will stop you if all you want to do is get by with only the bare essentials of what is expected of you. But then again, such an attitude isn’t going to get you any promotion or future perk of any kind. In fact, people will likely stop noticing you altogether. So, to get noticed, start taking great strides in your initiative. Take on some new projects that all of your other fellow employees shy away from. Also, think about volunteering at different company get-togethers, or even better, think about taking on the role of head organizer at one of the company functions, such as a charity event or outing. It’s important to excel at your job, but even more important to excel at doing more than you are expected to do. But beware. Do not bite off more than you can chew! It may backfire on you if suddenly you are looked upon as unreliable and unable to follow through because you are perceived as not knowing your limits. Your first order of business should always be your immediately defined job duties.