Often times, when seeking a promotion or more pay at your company, doing really good work at your current job while at the same time going above and beyond what is expected of you may not be enough to get noticed. These days, competition is fierce, and so you may need to do even more in order for your superiors to sit up and take notice of your contributions, instilling in them the belief that you are ready and willing to go to the next level. Below is a summary of just a few options for how to say and do the correct things so that your superiors see that you are a motivated and eager employee worthy of advancement.

Be direct. One great tip on how to get noticed for the next big promotion, and get yourself on your boss’s radar screen, is to be very direct in your initiative by letting your boss know that you are extremely interested in the upcoming promotion. You can do this in a number of ways. For example, you can let your boss know by scheduling a face to face meeting to discuss your career plan and how the promotion can be a strategic part of fulfilling your plan. You can also let your boss know by simply hinting at the subject during, say, a company outing or event such as a charity event or Christmas party. However, be careful when dropping hints. You don’t want to be so subtle that your boss feels like you are not actually interested in a promotion, but rather are just making small talk on the subject. You will definitely want to make it clear that you are indeed interested in the new position, while also not treating the moment as an impromptu meeting at the water cooler.