Getting that next big promotion always has an element of control at your end. Having said that, sitting back and only doing what is expected according to your current job description, and even being the best at those duties, will not cut it in your quest for advancement. Earning a promotion is all about pushing your limits at your current job, showing everyone you are ready for more! By doing so, you are also showing your boss that you have value in the company. So be wise in picking your moments to shine, for example, by having a firm understanding about the exact needs of your company, and why your company has been so successful thus far. You can also, of course, take on more projects, but make sure they are the right projects, ones that will highlight your skill set while being able to expand upon them too. Also make sure you always let the higher ups know your career strategy for achieving your specific career goals. Such proactive behavior will ensure you are on the right path to gaining the promotion you want.

Be innovative. Employers look for certain characteristics in potential employees to promote. One of those characteristics is innovation. Thus, when you are beginning to think about going for that next big promotion, ask yourself how you can make things better in your company. True leaders do this all the time. They are innovators and creative thinkers. What can you bring to the table that will make your company operate faster, cheaper or more efficiently? One example is showing your boss that you are good at thinking critically and a good problem solver. Instead of just sitting back and accepting things as they currently stand, show how you can improve situations to make them much better. Also, when coming up with new and creative solutions, try to keep the big picture of the company in the forefront. Additionally, seek out areas in your company’s structure where no improvements are being made at all. Next, even if you are unsure of the type of reception you might get from presenting your ideas to your boss, do it anyway. By doing so, you will be showing off your creative mind and risk-taking skills.