Two businessmen in cubicle looking at laptop

Research for success. In order to be a top candidate for a promotion, you really need to have a firm understanding of your company’s structure and how they have reached the level of success they currently are at. To do so, you must know what drives the company, what is its motivation to keep going. This essentially means what are the right things you can do to push the company in the direction it needs and wants to go? To have such an understanding, you must figure out what the company’s future goals are, as well as how all of the various departments of the company, especially your department, fit together to make up the driving force behind the company’s goals. Another question to consider is what important functions do the other employees on your work team execute. You might even consider shifting your current position over to a similar one in a different department so that you can gain an even broader understanding of how the company works. Also, by doing so, you may be given consideration for more promotions in other departments!