Despite what many people may say, first impressions do matter, especially when it comes to the job interview. However, in light of this truism, young people today have taken to dressing in all sorts of fashion, regardless of the context of the interview, business or casual. Thus, stories abound about applicants showing up in full body piercings, spiked hair, or outlandish sweat suits. Furthermore, other personal habits such as gum chewing are still noticed as being a persistent problem in applicant behavior. Overall, such styles of dress and manner can significantly hinder your chances of successfully executing the job interview. Below is a summary of a few of the things to consider before you walk in for a job interview, in terms of proper clothing and behavior, not only for men and women, but also in order to match the specific employment environment you are in.

Dress the part. According to experts, over 50 percent of an individual’s opinion about you is dependent upon what you look like. That’s a pretty big chunk of perception. So, when you’re at a job interview, you’d better make a good impression. However, that all-important impression does not mean that a suit and tie is the benchmark for perfect interview attire. In fact, in some job situations, a suit and tie could even be a deal breaker! Overall, a rule of thumb is to dress your best, while at the same time neither over-dressing nor under-dressing in light of the company’s dress code. Also, should you find yourself not knowing how you should dress for a specific interview, it is still best practice to stick to a more conservative attitude. It’s always safer to have over-dressed than to have under-dressed. However, it may be wise to ask the person who organized the interview about the most appropriate clothing to wear.